Get back to work!

Time to get back to work ! Cartouche Power sees today one problem fixed and a new Neo Geo finder (version 0.5), with some new great additions : the end of King of Fighters serie (from 1997 to 2003), King of the Monsters 1&2, the legendary – and very expensive in AES Euro – Kizuna Encounter and Last Blade 1&2. The finder experienced some trouble with Priceminister indexing for some weeks. Data was not refreshed. Now the problem is fixed – sorry for the inconvenience.

I hope your vacancies were good !

KOF 2002 Kizuna Encounter AES

Biblio Master System 1.61 : a more accurate finder

The biblio Master System 1.61 is available now. I added several visuals – from my personal collection – and by a new version of the finder. You have certainly pointed out that there are too many false eBay results for the Sega Master System. The cause is pretty simple : many of the games for this console have been released for the Game Gear and the Megadrive/Genesis too. The keywords research is so polluted.

The new finder uses today more efficiently the biblio data to avoid, as possible, the false results. I hope you will appreciate. The other biblios should benefit of this feature in near future.

Neo Geo finder beta available !

Après plusieurs jours de travail (et ce n’est pas fini), la première version exploitable du dénicheur Neo Geo est disponible ici. Un premier set de 26 jeux est prêt, incluant les cartouches AES japonaises et américaines ainsi que les cartouches MVS. J’espère que cette nouveauté vous plaira. Je suis, encore plus aujourd’hui, très intéressé par vos avis/suggestions. Bonne chasse !

New finder : Europe !

I am very pleased to announce the release of the new finder for the consoles Master System, 32X and Vectrex. The international search, especially for Europe, has been greatly improved. The old mechanism was not good enough : it asked to eBay France all the answers across Europe for a game. But the results were not exhaustive. Now, the finder asks each eBay websites for a game : you cannot miss a bargain at all. This feature is also working for Amazon.

I am also glad to deliver the finder pages in English for my international readers. The work is still in progress, but you should understand almost everything.

I hope you will enjoy these improvements !