Musha Aleste

Musha Aleste… a legendary title, that many consider as THE best shoot on Megadrive ever. Acronym for Metallic Uniframe Super Hybrid Armor, it was only released in Japan and USA. This game is a star of imports.

MUSHA sur Genesis

MUSHA sur Genesis

Vertical shoot with a complex gameplay, it deserves all the honors of a european version :

It is not magic but cartmodding : a original megadrive game cartridge is opened and dismounted. A new ROM is placed inside. The insert and game sticker are to be created from scratch. So, you will get a rare game (never released in a country or slighty modified) in a true Megadrive cartridge, compatible with your original hardware.

You are ready to feel a whole new experience with your european Megadrive !

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Bionic Commando & BC Rearmed

I have not been on the Xbox Live Arcade for a while… I could have done a big mistake : missing the HD remake of Bionic Commando. It is a classic NES game that I really loved younger. The character is a commando armed with a powerfull bionic arm/glove that you can use to swing or grab objects. You will face an army of fanatized soldiers.

Bionic Commando en action !

Bionic Commando in action !