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This site purposes some tools to better collect your favorite video game cartridges : full sets (lists) for a given console, visuals (inserts), direct links to buy them, etc.

The majority of the links are automatically generated, and regarding their number, I cannot guarantee at 100% that they are all relevant. You have my word : I will not filter the links to keep bargains for me ;)

I – call me Alex or Cortex – am a french collector, I am about 30 and I love the SEGA games/machines. If you notice a mistake in my lists or if you want to make business with me, or have any suggestions, contact me !

As the author/manager of this site, I authorize people managing other sites to install links to my files without my explicit permission, but I refuse any copy stored directly on other sites that will prevent me to edit/modify/delete them if I want to.

The finder finds bad links, like Megadrive auctions for Master System games !

That’s “normal” : the finder is a program that generated automatically and dynamically links from eBay, Amazon, Priceminister, etc. These requests are based on keywords. If you type “After Burner” on eBay, you will get several auctions that are not relevant if you only look for the 32X game version. But there is an advantage : you cannot miss an auction.

So, there will be parasites but you can be confident : you won’t miss a game !

What are the rarity indices ?
It is an arbitrary scale to give an idea of the game rarity in its original country.
C : common games, that rare easily found
R1 : uncommon games, not so hard to find
R2: rare games, hard to find
R3 : rarest games, true pieces of collection

Rarity indices are crap for consoles like Master System !

Yes and no. Nobody knows the sell/production numbers for the Master System for example, so it is very difficult to fix a rarity indice. But you can consider this indice like a personal opinion – mine – based on my experience. If you disagree with me on a game, contact me 🙂

Of course, everybody, at least one time in his/her life, found one day a rera game in a store for few money, like an Out Run 3D in mint condition for 5 euros. Ok, it is possible, but you are lucky, that’s all. You would not resell it for the same price !

Some games are very expensive but this is because they are nearly impossible to find, even if you want to pay for them : you will only see 2 or 2 times Schtroumpfs autour du monde / Smurfs around the World in your life.

Are the finder links sponsorized ?

Yes, and they are my main revenu for this site. Instead of putting tons of ads on the site, I prefer the sponsorized links : you will not pay more, it is eBay, Amazon or Priceminister that will pay me. This money help me to maintain a professional hosting.

If you appreciate my work and want to support it, you can make a donation through PayPal :

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