This section regroups all the available resources for the Vectrex, the MB (Milton Bradley) game console with built-in display. You will essentially find the Biblio (aka the full set/list of the games released) which integrates direct links from eBay/Amazon/Priceminister for each game. Some articles about accessories, special editions ou technical information are also put in this area.

About the console…

The MB Vectrex console
  • Release year : 1982
  • CPU : Motorola 68A09 at 1,6 MHz
  • Display : Samsung 240RB40 vector black & white
  • RAM : 1 Ko (two chips 4-bits 2114)
  • ROM / BIOS : 8 Ko (one chip 8-bits 2363)
  • Video unit : vector processor HP3000
  • Audio unit : General Instrument AY-3-8912
  • One slot for cartridges and two for controllers

How to find the console

I advice you Priceminister : Vectrex console. Don’t forget to use the following reduction codes if it is your first buy on this web site :

  • Code for 8 euros rebate on first buy (min 50 euros) : WELKPM8
  • Code for 15 euros rebate on first buy (min 30 euros) : PRICE15

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