Bye Bye Amazon !

Since the 16/01/2019, the small ones like me cannot use anymore the Amazon API (Product Advertising API) ! It is now Impossible to get raw listing of video games, and display them through my web pages. No alternative. It really sucks, and it is brutal. The official reason is “business rationalization”… Hope they still have some cash.

Anyway, meanwhile debugging my code, I have updated the biblios Master System (1.63) and 32X (1.26). New variations for Sega Master System games, and even more youtube video for Sega 32X.

Biblio Master System 1.61 : a more accurate finder

The biblio Master System 1.61 is available now. I added several visuals – from my personal collection – and by a new version of the finder. You have certainly pointed out that there are too many false eBay results for the Sega Master System. The cause is pretty simple : many of the games for this console have been released for the Game Gear and the Megadrive/Genesis too. The keywords research is so polluted.

The new finder uses today more efficiently the biblio data to avoid, as possible, the false results. I hope you will appreciate. The other biblios should benefit of this feature in near future.

The japanese holy grail : Bomber Raid

Few days ago, I received many gifts for my birthday. One of them should be interesting for you. My friend gave me a Mark 3 game, the japanese Master System console, but not an average one, THE most wanted : Bomber Raid ! This game is the last game edited in Japan for the console, in 1988, that’s why it is so rare – it is a good game too.

Bomber Raid - front - Mark 3 - Japan Bomber Raid - back - Mark 3 - Japan

New 32X finder 1.23 version

I publish today the 1.23 version of the exhaustive list of sega 32X games. 2 main updates:

The scans have been found on the german web site I always try to scan my personal games, but sometimes they are not in perfect shape, and I am still looking for treasure like T-Mek or Kolibri. To make your navigation better, I think you should not wait the end of my quest 🙂

I respect the work of all collectors, and I indicate on all links the original source.

I hope you will enjoy the update.

Jeu Motocross 32X / variante UK | Source

Dragon : Bruce Lee enflamme la Master System… ou presque

La vie de Bruce Lee fut portée au cinéma en 1993, dans Dragon : The Bruce Lee Story, un film de Rob Cohen. Il fut adapté en jeux vidéo sur quasiment toutes les consoles 8/16 bits du moment (et la Jaguar). Mais le version Master System est très différente : là où les versions >16 bits reprennent les grands ennemis du film et se présentent donc sur la forme d’une succession de duels à 1 contre 1 (Bruce Lee contre un CPU), la version sms est un vrai jeu de plateforme, où il faut bien sûr cogner du méchant.

Dragon sur Master System

Dragon sur Master System