The Ghost Who Walk

“Become the 24th Phantom and save Metropia!” What a mission ! Inspired from a comic of the 30’s (author : Lee Falk), Phantom 2040 takes place in the 21st century, in a world owned by big companies, divided in “state cities”. The robots replaced humans in many tasks, and Maximum Corp, the local Nasdaq evil, even produces combat robots for some illegal activities. So we will have to shoot tons of them

This game is pretty difficult and adult : it is a Metroid-like in a noir and complex universe. It is directly adapted from the tv serie, so you will find all the main characters. This game is a treasure, even if people forget it. Released in 1995 on Game Gear, Super Nintendo and Megadrive, you should try it !

Here is my personal copy 🙂

Phantom 2040 sur Megadrive

Sunset Riders : the Far West by Konami

Seeking for 16bits sensations with shooting, collaborative and high scores ? So, you should know Sunset Riders for Megadrive (a Super Nintendo version exists). No ? We fix that right now.

Sucessfully adapted for the arcade title (even if 4 players were originally supported), this game places you into the Clint Eastwood’s and Terence Hill’s Far West. There will be blood ! At the menu : lady rescue and WANTED bad guys capture.

The game is a bit short, but really fun !


Streets of Rage !

Streets of Rage, voilà un titre de légende ! Cet excellent jeu 2D proposait de nettoyer un ville de divers gars (et fifilles, et… autres) louches à grands coups de poings/pieds/têtes. Un concept simple, jouissif à deux, que vous pouvez retrouver dans des titres comme Double Dragon ou Final Fight. Streets of Rage porte la marque de SEGA, et reste un des titres phares de la Megadrive (notamment grâce à l’équipe de développement qui fut à l’origine de Shinobi, un autre monument), et pour certains – dont moi – LE meilleur beat-them-all de tous les temps !

Cependant, il ne faudrait pas oublier les 2 excellentes conversions de Streets of Rage sur Master System (et sur Game Gear).

Streets of Rage 2 est difficile à trouver sur Master System, et présente une variation de sa jaquette intéressante :

Streets of Rage 2 sur Master System

Streets of Rage 2 sur Megadrive

Streets of Rage 2 sur Megadrive