Nostalgia sequence : “plug me on a SEGA !”

I could not resist to share with you an old french TV ad for the Sega Master System console. It was the first ad I saw for this system, actually splitted in two parts. This is the second one (I am still looking for the first). Here is a short word-to-word translation : “it’s me again, you haven’t not plug (connect) me yet. So, be kind/cool, plug me on a SEGA !”. Souvenirs, souvenirs !


Vectrex findings : Solat Quest & Rip Off

Two little gems in my mail box this morning : Solar Quest and Rip Off. The “cassette” boxes are in an excellent shape, which is pretty rare for 25 years old games ! Two fun games, especially Rip Off (the Solar Quest filter is quite basic : only a yellow spot in the middle of the screen – the sun – on a blue background) : you have to protect a pack of small triangles – fuel cells – from pirate ships stealing them. You have to shoot the pirates ! Some kamikazes are among the ennemies, to kill you, but you are not the primary target. It is a difficult but original game !

You can find a tutorial on Youtube here :


Did you say Vectrex ?

Some of my readers told me that they could not remember the Vectrex console. Not at all, really ? Here is a quick video compiling some great & famous games of this system, especially the amazing Scramble (released on Xbox live recently) :


Is it working ? Are you remembering it ? A console with a built-in screen, displaying blue/white vectors and using filters to simulate colors ? That’s it ! The Vectrex from Milton Bradley !

Sunset Riders : the Far West by Konami

Seeking for 16bits sensations with shooting, collaborative and high scores ? So, you should know Sunset Riders for Megadrive (a Super Nintendo version exists). No ? We fix that right now.

Sucessfully adapted for the arcade title (even if 4 players were originally supported), this game places you into the Clint Eastwood’s and Terence Hill’s Far West. There will be blood ! At the menu : lady rescue and WANTED bad guys capture.

The game is a bit short, but really fun !