New Biblio for Neo Geo 0.4

A new biblio (0.4 version) is available for Neo Geo here: biblio Neo Geo. I am nostalgic when I read the titles: Mark of the Wolves (which marked me like Street Fighter 2 in its time), and the beginning of King of Fighters serie. The finder has been slighty improved to manage better the search for AES/MVS games. Your help is welcomed 🙂

Here is the list of added games :

  • Ganryu
  • Garou : Mark of the Wolves
  • Ghost Pilots
  • Goal Goal Goal
  • Gururin
  • Irritating Maze (The)
  • Kabuki Klash
  • Karnov’s Revenge
  • King of Fighters ’94
  • King of Fighters ’95
  • King of Fighters ’96

Biblio 1.56 for SMS : 4 new variations !

It is a great pleasure to announce the immediate release of the Biblio 1.56, the Sega Master System (sms) game list. 4 new variations for a total of 778 games to collect : Spy vs Spy, Super Monaco GP, Taz Mania and Teddy Boy. I have also added several links to insert scans (provided by and improved the Priceminister integration.

Biblio SMS 1.55 released and return of Carmen Sandiego

The new version of the Master System full set is available today, and a big mistake has been fixed : Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego is back ! This game was only released in USA and Brazil, I have forgot it in the previous versions of biblio. So here is the 306th Master System game of my list. A rare game too !